About Me

Who I am:
unadjustednonraw_thumb_1896A registered dietitian and running enthusiast. I completed my undergraduate degree and dietetic Internship all while training and competing in long-distance races. My most recent running accomplishment includes first place female at the Mississauga Marathon and 5th Canadian woman at the 2016 Canadian marathon championships. My deep love and passion for both nutrition and running has given me an interest in the science behind maximizing sports performance through nutrition.


What I believe:
I believe in real food and fuelling the body for better performance. I believe there is room for all foods in a healthy diet. I don’t believe that consuming specific foods will turn you into an Olympian. Rather, I believe proper nutrition is just one of the many pieces needed for optimal health and performance.


thumb_DSC03240_1024What I want to do for you:
Supply you with evidence based information that you can trust. From one passionate athlete to another, I want you to reach your peak performance!

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