Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

Ever wonder what the difference is between a “dietitian” and “nutritionist”? These two titles are not interchangeable. In Canada, the designation “Registered Dietitian (RD)” is both regulated and protected. This means that you cannot legally call yourself a Registered Dietitian  unless you have completed the required education. This involves a four-year undergraduate degree that has been approved by the College of Dietitians and then either an approved internship or Master’s program. After completing these requirements, you must then register with the provincial college (i.e. College of Dietitians of Ontario if you’re working in Ontario) and complete a registration exam. On top of this, Registered Dietitians are required to participate in annual professional development. Registered Dietitians have the knowledge to translate scientific research into practical solutions. Because Registered Dietitians are a provincially regulated profession, it assures that the advice and information they provide is sound. On the other hand, the title of “nutritionist” is not regulated in every province. This means that in some provinces (including Ontario) anyone can call themselves a nutritionist even if they don’t have any nutritional education.

For more information check-out: =Dietitians of Canada- Difference Between Dietitian and Nutritionist


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